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      National Advisory Services :400-777-2580

      Welcome to Shenzhen Weiye technology official website.
      current location :home > Battery structure
      Positive and negative plate ★ Lead calcium alloy grate coated with active material ☆ Guarantee sufficient capacity
      ☆ Guarantee life
      ☆ Reduce self discharge
      A partition ★ High temperature resistant superfine glass fiber
      ★ PVC and PE
      ☆ Prevention of positive and negative plate short circuit
      ☆ Adsorptive electroliquid
      ☆ Anti active material falling off from the surface of the extruded plate
      Electrohydraulic ★ Dilute sulfuric acid
      ★ Colloidal dilute sulfuric acid
      ☆ Participate in the reaction of positive and negative active substances
      Shell cover ★ ABSAnd resistance ABS ☆ A polar group containing a positive or negative plate and a diaphragm
      ☆ Enough strength to withstand the internal pressure of the battery
      Safety valve ★ Good insulation
      ★ Anti aging synthetic rubber
      ☆ If the pressure inside the battery exceeds the standard, release the gas and make it normal.
      ☆ Prevent oxygen from entering the battery
      terminal ★ Made of copper and lead alloy
      ★The terminal part is sealed by double seal and O ring
      ★Sealant, red in positive pole, black in negative
      ★The selectable terminal is the internal thread type
      ☆ Large area terminals improve the performance and reliability of high current discharge.
      ☆ Good sealing of terminal position
      ☆ Make the connecting piece easy to load and unload

      Maintenance free battery

      Characteristic Structure Purpose
      No maintenance needs no fluid; Component... Material UPS uninterruptible power supply;
      A wide range of adaptation to temperature; Active substance... Oxide EPS fire-fighting standby power supply;
      Long service life; Battery... Polyethylene Safety and protection alarm system;
      Safety and explosion-proof; Polar plate... Lead Post and telecommunications communication equipment;
      No free electrolyte, 90 degrees side down can still be used Battery cover... Polyethylene Electronic instruments and instruments;
      The internal resistance is small, and the high current discharge performance is good. Sealant... Epoxy resin Micro electric tools;
      Small self discharge; Safety valve... Rubber Portable electronic equipment;
      Electric power plant, easy to use; Septum... Glass fiber Emergency lighting system;
      Special formula, deep discharge recovery performance is good. Terminal... Copper / lead Power system;
      The products are certified by CE. ROHS, and all batteries meet the national standard. Electrolyte... Sulfuric acid Electric toys;
      Camera Equipment;
      Control system DC screen;
      Medical equipment, etc.

      Solar energy \ Shenzhen circulating battery

      Characteristic Structure Purpose
      The unique alloy grid design ensures low self discharge rate. Component... Material Green new energy series;
      Oxygen recombination technology, sealing and maintenance free; Active substance... Oxide Solar power generation system;
      High purity raw material, stable quality, high reliability; Battery... Tight ethylene Wind power generation system;
      The unique formula technology enhances the ability of over charging and the ability of over discharge recovery. Pole... Lead Wind and scenery complementary power generation system;
      High quality AGM separator allows battery life to last longer. Battery cover... Polyethylene Solar power station;
      Without free electrolyte, the side 90 degrees can still be used. Sealant... Ring resin UPS\EPS backup power supply;
      Electric power plant, easy to use; Safety valve... Rubber Solar energy signal station;
      The range of working temperature is wide: -20*C~ 50C Septum... Glass fiber Solar energy measurement station;
      Terminal... Copper / lead The solar early-warning alarm system;
      Electrolyte... Sulfuric acid Solar traffic light traffic light
      The signal tower of the navigation system;
      Huimin project solar street lamp and so on


      Characteristic Structure Purpose
      The unique alloy grid design ensures low self discharge rate. Components... Raw materials Green new energy series;
      The gas recombination technology has high sealing efficiency and no acid mist precipitation. Active substance... Oxide Communication system base station;
      High purity raw materials, deep discharge resistance, long cycle life. Battery... Polyethylene Microwave / switch base station;
      The unique formula technology enhances the ability of over charging and the ability of over discharge recovery. Pole... Lead Radio and radio stations;
      Special design and high reliable sealing technology make the battery safe, environmentally friendly and free of maintenance. Battery cover... Polyethylene Power plant / power transmission and transformation system;
      The colloidal electrolyte formula does not cause stratification inside the battery. Sealant... Huai oxo resin Solar energy and wind power system;
      Electric power plant, easy to use; Safety... Glue The application of deep circulation equipment in the banking system
      The high rate discharge performance is enhanced by tight assembly technology. Clapboard... Glass fiber Signal system emergency lighting system;
      The range of working temperature is wide: -20C~50*C Rock... Copper / lead Solar street lamp project;
      Electrolytes... Condensate acid Mountain flood disaster monitoring and warning system;
      Meteorological survey station;
      Nautical system, etc.