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      National Advisory Services :400-777-2580

      Welcome to Shenzhen Weiye technology official website.
      current location :home > About us > Company profile

      Wei Ye Tong Spirit
      blending the Chinese and the west to create a classic

      Weiye hopes to use its responsibility, innovation, cooperation and faith in the international battery industry.Setting up a good Chinese brand

      Wei Ye Tong's vision
      To be a model in the battery industry

      Build the world's top battery suppliers, becoming the most respected and most professional quality Professionalism can create lasting value for customers and create opportunities for employees to develop Globalized and well-known enterprises with the responsibility of society

      Wei Ye Tong's values: accomplishments, self fulfillment, innovation, integration of thinking and practice, professional concentration, efficiency and sharing.

      Achievement of customer achievement self

      Accurately grasp customer needs and provide customers with products and services beyond expectations.

      In the continuous achievement of customer access to sustainable development opportunities, the achievement of customers in order to achieve self;

      Refusing to stop, we create brilliance with value.


      With continuous improvement and continuous iteration, we constantly seek new breakthroughs in technology, management, products and services.

      Innovation is not an end; it is a progressive attitude.

      Instead of being a follower, we greet the world with our backs.

      Unity of thought and action

      Excellent production is the sum of excellent and feasible creativity and perfect execution.

      Integrity is responsible, words and deeds, and strive to create more classics.

      Instead of being a dreamer, we work hard to make our dreams come true.

      Professional focus

      Maintain an enterprising spirit, keep learning, concentrate on deep development in the field of self-development, and master various professional skills.

      Have a sunny mind, good at self-management, and develop good professional quality and professional habits.

      Refusing to be mediocre, we define ourselves professionally.

      High efficiency

      Clear objectives, clarify key issues and priorities, and plan and manage effectively.

      With a prompt and quick attitude to respond to market changes and respond to customer needs;

      Refusing to perfunctory, we use action to prove strength.

      Music sharing

      Co commitment to team goals and team responsibilities, carry out close and happy team work and share team results.

      Active internal and external communication, willing to exchange knowledge, resources and experience, and grow together;

      You are not alone, we work happily and enjoy life.