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      National Advisory Services :400-777-2580

      Welcome to Shenzhen Weiye technology official website.
      current location :home > Contact

      Quick response to customer demand, to provide customers with products and end to end services, multifaceted sincere cooperation,
      mutual dependence, the common resistance to risk, to create the maximum value, we look forward to working with you!

      Shenzhen Weiyi Tong Technology Co., Ltd.

      Minle science and technology building, Minle science and Technology Park, Longhua New District, Shenzhen 418

      Mobile phone :137-288-12580
      Seat machine :0755-28074903 28098837
      Fax :0755-28074913

      enterprise QQ:4007772580
      Taobao Wangwang:szwyt

      Weiye Tong brand battery official Taobao website
      Contact: Mr. Li 1354406113
      Wei Ye Tong brand battery retail website
      Contact: Miss Li 13651473131